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What is the greatest value of your life?

Credit: Leon from Lifehack

If you are looking for a life-changing moment in few minutes, continue reading this. Believe me.

This story starts in a quaint little monastery where one day, a little monk asked his elder:

Master, what is the greatest value of my life?”

The elder smiled at him but didn’t give him the answer. Instead, he told the young monk to go on a little journey:

“Before I give you the answer, I want you to complete a mission.

Go outside to the garden and find a large stone. Then take the stone down to the market to sell it. If someone asks you for the price of the stone, stay silent, and instead just stretch out 2 fingers in response. If someone offers you money for it, don’t sell the stone! Bring it back to me, and I will tell you the answer to your question.”

The little monk set off early the next morning and carried the large stone to the market to sell.

The market was crowded that day, and all the people were very curious about the mysterious young monk and his stone. Suddenly a housewife came over and asked:

“How much are you selling that stone for?”

The young monk stretched out two fingers. The housewife said: “2 Dollars?”

The little monk shook his head, and the housewife replied: “So it’s 20 Dollars? Well, ok! I’ve been looking for a good paperweight to use at home.”

The little monk couldn’t help but think to himself:

“My goodness, someone’s willing to fork out 20 Dollars to buy this worthless stone! There are thousands more in the hills where that came from! “

However, the little monk followed his master’s instructions and keeping the stone, cheerfully went back to report his accomplishments:

“Master, you won’t believe it. Today there was a housewife who offered 20 dollars to buy my stone. Now can you tell me, what is the greatest value of my life? “

The elder monk replied:

“Very good! But your mission is not over yet! Tomorrow morning I want you to try it again. This time, take the stone to the museum instead. Come back to me afterward and I will tell you the answer to your question.

The next morning, in the museum, a group of curious onlookers stood whispering amongst themselves:

“It looks like an ordinary stone, what’s so special about it?”

“There must be some hidden value, or why would the little monk bring it here?”

At this moment, a person sprang out from the crowd, and shouted out to the little monk asking:

“Little monk, how much are you selling this stone for?”

Once again, the little monk didn’t say anything, and just showed him 2 fingers.

The man said: “200 Dollars?”

The little monk shook his head, and the man replied:

“Of course! 2,000 Dollars then. I will carve this stone into a statue and make it a work of art.”

Upon hearing the offer, the little monk was taken aback, in shock.

Almost giddy from excitement, the little monk remembered his master’s instructions and rushed back to the monastery before anyone could say another word.

“Master! Today someone offered 2,000 dollars for my stone. I don’t believe what’s happening! Now can you tell me what the greatest value of my life is?”

The elder monk laughed and said:

“Not so fast! I have one last task for you. Tomorrow, I want you to try one more time. This time, take the stone down to the art collector’s shop. When you come back, I promise to give you your answer.”

So the next morning of the third day, the little monk brought his stone to the art collector’s store. It seemed the story of the little monk and his mysterious stone had spread throughout the town, as immediately he was surrounded by a group of people.

They murmured excitedly to each other in hushed tones.

“This little monk is shrewd! He must know the true value of this precious rock to bring it here.”

Finally, one person asked him: “Little monk, what is the asking price for your wonderful stone specimen?”

As before, the little monk stretched out two of his fingers without replying.

“20,000?” another man asked. Completely stunned, the little monk blurted out a garbled reply before covering his now wide-open mouth in a fluster.

Thinking that he had angered the little monk with a low-ball price, the man immediately corrected himself.

“Oh, no, no… I meant to say 200,000 then! Wait!”

So stunned was the little monk that he picked up the stone and ran all the way back to the monastery, leaving the entire crowd in an uproar.

Panting excitedly, he described his experience as the art collector.

“Master, Master! We’re rich! Someone just offered 200,000 dollars for the stone! Surely, now you can finally tell me what the greatest value of my life is. Please!”

Smiling, the elder monk patted the young monk on the head and gently said:

“My child, you have already discovered the answer to your own question.

The greatest value of your life is just like this stone.

At the market, you are only worth 20 dollars;

And at the museum, you are worth 2,000 dollars;

But if you place yourself at the art collector, you’re worth 200,000 dollars!

So the value of your life is exactly where you place yourself to be.

The decision is yours to make.”

Hearing this story really made me think back to how everything has developed in my own life. Before my big career change to start Lifehack — if I hadn’t decided to position my life for something greater, none of this would exist today.

So how about you? How do you see the value in your life and it’s limitless potential? Are you satisfied with valuing your own life at 20 dollars, 200,000 dollars, or even more?

And if you’re aiming high, what inputs are you investing in to push your path that way?

I hope this story can inspire you the same way it’s inspired me.

— Nanri, Swam Guru

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Right Tools, Right Productivity

Here is my best productive apps, which made significant changes in my career. All we need is Self Discipline, to touch the button, if you have really done it.

Task Time Management:

Staying focused while doing and not getting distracted is a common goal for everybody.

Pomodoro is the best method that suits me, to focus on one single task at a time and plan my distractions well ahead. Also find other productive methods from this link.

Below are list of mobile/web apps will help you to achieve it.

Pomotodo – Web and Android

Clear focus will also do the decent job.

Everyday Schedule Management:

We always require some one to notify our Commuting time, Meetings/Calls, Break, Coffee, Studying etc. and every day university or school schedule with many notifications etc.

It is Time Tune, the excellent scheduler and life saver – Android

To Do’s:

The old way of checklist as To Do list are out dated, Here comes advanced apps, where we can add tasks based on projects, priority, labels, large description, repeat it as you wish etc. It does one major thing, that most of them missed, “Motivation”. Motivating the users by adding points as Karma for every completed task.

The Awesome app is Todoist, supports all platform.


If you are so passionate about your life like me, by setting goals for life. These are my Goal setting and tracking apps, which buzz me every day to be on track. Nice, isn’t it?

My effectiveness

My Goals


Screen shots were taken, when blue light filter is ON, this is to induce sleep and stop accessing mobile for a long time during Night time. Twilight was the app used.


productivity, solutions, tools

Right Tools, Right Turn

Rgiht Tools, Right Turn

Hello readers, Good News!, Discovered a new way of looking at Tools for Life. As we all know, we don’t require a large page called Map, Compass device, attractions list on a paper, printed travel tickets, big camera to hold, to begin our beautiful vacation. All we require is an all in one tool box, Mobile phone, just download and get any tools installed  immediately. It’s a world of software based tools.

Upcoming advancements would be like, as you reach your destination, you get the cab waiting for you to pick up without a call, along with hotel booked on your budget and attractions list based on your interest without annoying you, we are towards ‘World of Automation – Internet of Things(IoT)’. Technologies are now getting integrated to amaze the customers by delivery more value to make their life so easy to live ‘Right Tools Rules’

Through this blog, let me share the best tools for maximum achievement in life, on Productivity, Self development(Habits), Health and Fitness, Finance, Life and Home automation etc.

Note: Click on the below link to find the best app with my personalized screenshots exclusively for you.

Productivity – Goal Setting, Goal Tracking, Time management, Daily schedule, To do list

Habits –  Everyday rituals with motivation


Health and Fitness


Life Style

Brain Tuning

Finance – Planning, Tracking

Knowledge base

Life Automation

Cassandra, solutions

cassandra nodetool


Cassandra makes it easy to manage its cluster, one or more nodes joined together on a distributed decentralized fashion. Nodetool is a built-in command line interface to view stats, administer, data backup and recovery, tracing etc.

Nodetool is located at <cassandra-installation-dir>/bin/nodetool, like /opt/cassandra/nodetool.

If we are said to manage a running cluster of Cassandra, use these following commands to gain an overview of the cluster.

command 1: info

$ nodetool info

Provides node information including the token and on disk storage (load) information, times started (generation), uptime in seconds, and heap memory usage.

command 2: status

$ nodetool status
$ nodetool status <keyspace>

Provide information about the cluster, such as the state, load, and IDs. Status command with a Keyspace provides, data owned by that node for the specified keyspace.

command 3: ring

$ nodetool ring
$ nodetool ring <keyspace>

Ring command is similar to status command; it provides the data ownership on each token with in a ring.

command 4: describecluster

$ nodetool describecluster

Provide the name, snitch, partitioner and schema version of a cluster. Schema version should be the same for all nodes within a cluster

Cassandra, solutions

Cassandra, a database girl

cassandraCassandra, a act to see what is going to happen, but not believed.

It is not about a girl’s story, it is a NoSQL database, scalable and high available with better performance. The Apache Cassandra database management system provides asynchronous masterless replication of large amounts of data across many servers, avoiding a single point of failure and reducing latency.

Beginning my journey of delivering solutions to problems, best followed methods and practices through our channel, based on my experience with Cassandra 2.x+.

The focus is towards Troubleshooting challenges, Data modelling, Deep dive into many core areas, drivers etc.

Thank You. Stay tuned!

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Stay discomfort, Stay successful

Stay discomfort, Stay successful

Most of the time, we were happy in doing what we know or what we learn to do for a long life time. We were successful in following it, but why don’t we have all our desires in life. Am I trying to create an illusion here?. No, no, I am just making my dear ones to think by reading this post.

To be true, you are living at your comforts. You got enough talents, skills, power and knowledge given by God, but you are so afraid to take a new step, because it’s a RISK to attempt in life. So we tend to do, what we believe that we can. Don’t do that from now on. Stay discomfort, Stay successful. Really successful in life.

“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”Jim Rohn

I can get you clear, through this recent Pixar animation movie “The Good Dinosaur”. If you haven’t watched it, just watch to get inspired by Arlo, the good dinosaur. In this movie, Arelo lives at his home being unsuccessful, he moves from home by chasing the destroyer “The Spot”. Arelo now in a discomfort zone by doing strange things, meeting strangers, hard feelings, fights, courage etc. At the end, He finds the way home. Who is Arelo now, the brave good dinosaur on earth.

One more link to this, We all know Steve Jobs. Steve was fired from Apple computers, leading to discomfort. He started Pixar Animation from computer company. Stay discomfort, Stay inspired, Stay successful.

Now ask few questions to identify whether you are in comfort zone.

Is your life boring to live?
No challenges or goals to take?
Worthless accomplishments in life?
No change for a long time?

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” Jim Rohn

Discomforts in life will help you to achieve the maximum limits in life, happy more than ever in your life. Don’t stop there, Stay discomfort, Stay successful and Stay connected @

All the best.

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Wear off your FEAR, it’s a dirt


it’s a dirt

We are so wonderful to think, something new to perform, leaving our self from our comfort zone. Is that all you need to be Happy, really happy?. I hope you say ‘No’. This beautiful vision stays as a wish or hope or a dream in our life. By thinking about this new vision, brings greatness to our present, yet nothing to do for the future.

“A fear is nothing more than a doorway into the highest version of your highest vision” by my guru, Robin Sharma.

Why do we just think and not execute it for real?. The first reason strikes you is FEAR. I had the potential to start this blogging page, but had much fear to continue doing it, all due to fear. The “Fear of failure” and “Fear of rejection”. What if, I do commit mistakes?, What do, critics laugh about, by reading it?, What if, no one finds it useful?. With all these fears in mind, I stayed at “not doing it” or rescheduling repeatedly. Until I worked on this dirt on me, “The Fear”.

I am happy to share my vision without fear here and try to help you in wearing it off from your mind.

You were there –

Let’s go back, imagine your vision, you had before and the benefits it delivers by executing it. Question your mind now.

Why I didn’t plan to execute the vision?,

What all my fears?,

Is it a feeling of failure or rejection or both?,

Is it really worth thinking?

You are here –

Come back to the present now, analyse and evaluate the fears by questioning your mind again to gain clarity.

What are my main fear of not executing it?

What does this requires to resolve, either knowledge or skill?

How does this fear help me to execute?

How can I eliminate this fear, if it doesn’t worth?

Fear based on lack of knowledge or information or skill, can be worked on by learning it. When the fear lies with any deadlines, think deeply in changing it to be a power to execute it rapidly. Sense of rejection by people can be handled through courage.

“Mastery of fear and the development of courage are essential prerequisites for a happy, successful life” by my master, Brain Tracy.

You are clear –

Hope you are now clear, are you really clear?. Why don’t we challenge yourself by testing the clarity?.

The willingness to take action steps immediately and by flowing the course of execution is the challenge for yourself. This is the mission towards your vision.

With the courage, ready to take risk, leave from your comfort zone, look at all your possible opportunities, stay focused and channel your emotions at right direction towards your vision is the true recipe.

You are on road –

Happiness you had, when ‘You were there’ is multiplied now by your openness to think and play it well. Now you are on your road to success, as I wrote my first self-development blog to motivate the world.

Dreamers may fail, but the readers like you, Don’t. Keep supporting me by writing your feed backs or suggestions to

“Wear off your fear, it’s a dirt!” — by Swam Guru

All the best!